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Our Story

Honoring our legacy...With a vision for the future

In 1939 cottage prayer meetings were held in the Shufford Mills community. Over time those first meetings led to gatherings on Sundays for Sunday School classes. Highland Baptist Church recognized the potential for establishing a church in the community. East Hickory Baptist Church was officially launched on July 7th 1940. From those simple beginnings a gospel witness was established and a church grew.

Through many years the church served the community. In the summer of 2016 the condition of the church was such that a new beginning was recognized as the only means of retaining a witness in the Mill Hill area. Pastor Mark Schmitz came to help the church to seek a healthy path of church life and growth. With the support of the congregation, the addition of new people and with the merger of Foothills Church, the new East Hickory Church stepped out to establish a new congregation. April 16th, Launch Sunday was a great success. The future is bright and hopeful as God builds His church.

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